Board of Trustees

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Board Policy

   9000-Board Bylaws

2017-2018 Board meetings:

5/16/2018 Special     Agenda

5/8/2018 Regular  Agenda 

4/20/2018 Special Meeting  Agenda   DRAFT MINUTES

4/17/2018 Agenda amended   DRAFT MINUTES

3/13/2018 Regular  Agenda  draft minutes

3/5/2018 Special- Board retreat   Agenda  Minutes

2/13/2018 Regular  Agenda    Minutes

1/22/2018 Special - Strategic Planning - Agenda  Minutes

1/9/2018 Regular  Agenda-amended  Minutes

12/12/2017 Regular  Agenda (amended)   Minutes

11/14/2017 Regular    Amended agenda  approved minutes

11/6/2017 Special Meeting  Agenda    approved minutes 

10/10/2017 Regular  Agenda   approved minutes  Supporting docs

9/15/2017 Special  Agenda  Minutes

9/12/2017 Regular   Agenda   Minutes 

9/5/2017 Special   Agenda  Minutes

8/15/2017 regular   agenda Minutes

2016-2017 Board meetings:

6/20/2017  Agenda   minutes Supporting documents

6/6/2017  Agenda Minutes

5/16/17 Special   Agenda  Draft minutes

5/9/2017 Regular  Agenda    Draft Minutes  Supporting docs

5/2/2017 Special  Agenda  Minutes  Supporting docs

4/27/2017 Special meeting   Agenda  Minutes  supporting docs

4/18/2017 Regular meeting  Agenda  minutes  supporting docs

3/14/2017 Regular meeting  Agenda  Minutes  Docs

3/13/2017 Special   Agenda  Minutes   Docs

2/14/2017  Regular meeting  Agenda   Minutes   Docs

1/17/2017 Regular meeting  Agenda     Minutes                            Docs

12/13/2016 Regular meeting   Agenda   Minutes   Docs

12/6/2016 Special Meeting- Staff/Board meeting Agenda  Minutes

11/8/2016 Regular meeting   Agenda  Minutes  Supporting docs

10/18/2016 Special Meeting  Agenda  Minutes  supporting docs

10/11/2016 Regular meeting cancelled; Special meeting scheduled for 10/18/16

9/13/2016:  Public Hearing  agenda  minutes  supporting docs

8/16/2016:  agenda  minutes  supporting docs

8/8/2016:  Meeting cancelled

8/8/2016 Special Board Retreat - Agenda

8/16/2016 Regular Board meeting - Agenda  minutes

Schedule for 2015-2016

8/18/2015 Regular meeting  Agenda   Minutes  Supporting documents

9/8/2015 Regular Meeting  Agenda 

9/14/2015 Special meeting  Agenda   Minutes  Supporting documents  Public Hearing 

9/28/2015 Board Retreat  Agenda Minutes  Supporting documents

10/13/2015 Regular meeting  Agenda  Minutes  Supporting documents

11/3/2015 Staff/Board/Community Forum  Agenda  Minutes  Supporting documents

11/10/2015  Regular meeting  Agenda  Minutes  Supporting documents

12/8/2015 Regular meeting  agenda  minutes  supporting documents

1/12/2016 Regular meeting  Agenda     Minutes  Supporting documents

2/6/2016 Special- Agenda  Minutes  Supporting Documents

2/6/2016 Regular  Agenda  Minutes  Supporting Documents

3/8/2016 Regular  Agenda  Minutes  Supporting Documents

4/5/2016 Regular  Agenda   Minutes   Supporting Documents

5/10/2016 Regular  Agenda  Minutes  Supporting Documents

6/7/2016 Regular  Agenda  Minutes  Supporting documents

6/21/2016 Regular  Agenda  Minutes  Supporting documents

Archives of Past Years

8/5/2014 Special Board meeting  Agenda  Minutes  Supporting docs

8/19/2014 Board Retreat  Agenda  Minutes Supporting Documents

8/19/2014 Regular Board meeting  Agenda Minutes  Supporting documents

9/9/2014 Regular Board meeting Agenda  Minutes  Suporting documents

10/7/2014 Regular Board meeting  Agenda  Minutes  Supporting documents

10/14/2014 Staff - Board Meeting Agenda  Minutes  Supporting Documents

11/4/2014 Regular Board Meeting  Agenda  Approved Minutes  Supporting Documents

12/9/2014 Regular Board Meeting Agenda Approved Minutes   Supporting Documents

1/13/2015 Regular Board Meeting  Agenda

1/20/2015 Special Meeting  Agenda  Minutes  Suporting documents

2/2/2015 Board retreat Agenda  Minutes  Supporting Documents

2/10/2015 Special Board workshop and Regular Board Meeting  Agenda  Amended agenda Minutes  Supporting documents

3/10/2015 Regular Meeting  Agenda Minutes  Supporting documents

3/30/2015 SPECIAL MEETING Agenda  minutes  supporting documents

4/7/2015 Regular  Agenda  Minutes   Supporting documents

5/12/2015 Regular  Agenda   Minutes   Supporting documents

5/26/2015 Staff/Board meeting  agenda  minutes

6/9/2015 Regular Board  Agenda  Minutes  Supporting documents

6/15/2015 Special Board meeting  Agenda  Minutes  Supporting documents