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Math Presentation

Watch this presentation and write a comment down below saying you visited! 

Math Presentation

Watch this presentation and write a comment down below saying you visited! 

Week of December 7th

 6th History:

Ancient Egypt - Presearch One & Two (see below)

7th/8th History:

Imperial China - Presearch Two (see below)

Chinese Inventions Resources:

Citation Machine

Google Presentation Basics & Rubric

Iron and Steel

Paper & Printing

Gunpowder Gunpowder (video)

Compass and Shipbuilding


Group Oral Presentation Rubric (see below)

7th Grade Informational Writing Checklist (see below)

8th Grade Informational Writing checklist (see below)

Week of November 17

6th History

Final Exam - Mesopotamia: Multiple Choice & Winged Genius essay

ISN due 11/19


7/8 History

Week One - Imperial China

Map of China's natural regions below.

Blank Map of China below




This is a Prezi about China's geography

Week of October 21

 6th History:

Mesopotamia - Week Two: Ancient Sumer


7th/8th History:

Early Societies in West Africa and Ghana: A West African Trading Empire


Math A:

GCF and LCM - Quiz on Friday



Personal Narrative


Islam Jepordy Review

Week of October 13

 6th History

See last weeks Presearch


7/8th History

See last weeks Presearch

Islam Final Exam Study Guide - DUE Thursday for 8th and Friday for 7th. Exam 10/21


Language Arts

Personal Narrative - Tell about a time when you met an unforgettable character.

Week of October 6

 6th History


Presearch One - Ancient Sumerian City-States


7/8th History


Presearch Four - The Crusades


Math A

Test Corrections - due Friday


Language Arts

Personal Narrative - due Friday

Week of 9/29

 6th History

River Systems and Ancient Peoples - Presearch One

7/8 th History

Presearch Three - Muslims Inventions and Share Knowledge Project

Math A

Study Guide - Unit One: Integers

Week of 9/22

 7/8 World History

Presearch Two - Learning about World Religions: Islam

Begin Illuminated Manuscript Project - see last week for assignment sheet