Technology Goals

First and Second Grades

Starting in first and second grades, students are introduced to the process of logging in to the school network and using keyboards, mice and trackpads. This introduction to computers is in the form of a "Tech Art" class, where students begin to develop the manual dexterity necessary to draw on the computer, select menus, perform basic typing and manipulate files.

Third and Fourth Grades

Third graders, new to the "big campus," may begin to use computers for select assignments and class projects, but fourth grade is where students begin to master keyboarding and conducting online research.

Prior to going online, fourth graders learn five key considerations for being "cyber safe" and a good online citizen: protecting personal information, avoiding cyber predators, respecting copyright, identifying & avoiding cyber bullying, and avoiding inappropriate content. 

Fourth graders primarily focus on proper keyboarding technique and basic word processing skills, but also learn how to conduct Internet searches and cite original sources for quotes and images incorporated into their research projects.

Fifth Grade

Fifth graders build on the skills developed in earlier grade levels, continuing to master proper keyboarding technique, while being introduced to more advanced applications such as presentations and spreadsheets.

Fifth graders learn to independently conduct online research, create reports and cite references to online and book sources in bibliographies. They can insert images and use formatting and text alignment to present their work in a clear, organized fashion.

Middle School (6-8)

A primary goal stated in the BSUSD Technology Plan is that graduating eighth graders be prepared for high school computer proficiency requirements. 
The Tamalpais Union High School District's computer proficiency graduation requirement consists of five basic skill areas:

  • General computer knowledge and vocabulary
  • Keyboarding
  • Presentations (Microsoft PowerPoint)
  • Word Processing (Microsoft Word)
  • Spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel)

The process of preparing for these requirements begins in the sixth grade and the broad skill set is refined and developed through eighth grade.


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